• Kleintjes skin graft burn, reconstruction, skin graft, dr wayne kleintjes, tygerberg 
hospital, western cape department of health

    South African doctor makes skin graft breakthrough

    Dr Wayne Kleintjes has pioneered a ground-breaking technique to graft skin quickly and cost- effectively that is expected to have far-reaching benefits for burn victims. As well as being affordable, it uses the patient's own skin cells and so does not run a rejection risk.

  • South African child saves rhinos

    An eight-year-old girl has raised funds through making and selling chocolates for efforts to save rhinos from poachers. Her efforts bore fruit when, working with the Sanparks Honorary Rangers, two trained sniffer dogs were given to the Ranger Corps in Marakele National Park.

  • Nelson Mandela Bridge

    Joburg, Cape Town move up global index

    Emerging cities are making positive gains in the Global Cities Index, and in the latest iteration of the report, Johannesburg, at number 55, and Cape Town, at number 69, showed the biggest improvements in the ranking, driven by political engagement and human capital.

  • A SAA plane flies into Cape Town. tourism, tourists, arrivals, StatsSA, plane, aircraft, Cape 
Town, Cape Peninsula, South Africa, flight, departures, SAA

    SAA, Post Office turnaround plans working

    Costs have been reduced and operational efficiency is improving at SAA, while a new business model "better suited to the changing postal services environment" has been drawn up for the South African Post Office, says Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa.

  • Junior Springboks springboks, junior boks, baby boks, under-20 championship, rugby, world 
rugby under-20 championship

    Junior Boks jet off to world championships

    Fresh from a series victory over Argentina, the Junior Springbok squad are on their way to Italy for the World Rugby Under-20 Championship. "The boys are rearing to go and we have a great team spirit," says coach Dawie Theron ahead of the three-week long tournament.

  • Building houses houses, homes, rdp, basic services, upington, northern cape

    More South Africans have access to services

    Living conditions in South Africa have improved over the past 12 years, according to the General Household Services. More households have access to improved sanitation flush or pit toilets piped water and electricity, says Statistics South Africa.

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Ndebele tradition 'through the lens'

Mthambothini 'through the lens'

"Your children must know where they are coming from ..." National Geographic photographer Peter Magubane visits a traditional Ndebele homestead in Mthambothini in South Africa's Mpumalanga province.

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Township swop shop to recycle waste into daily necessities

A little gift can go a long way to changing someone's life, as has been demonstrated time and again by Mama Asnath Teffo, the founder of Dimphonyana Tsa Lapeng in the township of Olievenhoutbosch.

Meaning "little gifts of home" in Setswana, Dimphonyana Tsa Lapeng has helped hundreds of children and their families in the township, just outside of Midrand in Gauteng, by giving them the care and support they needed after the loss of their parents, or because of poverty.

Fourteen years ago Asnath, or Mama-Assie as she is affectionately known by the community, moved from nearby Noordwyk to Olievenhoutbosch with her family, bringing her passion for improving the lives of others closely in tow.

When she arrived in Olievenhoutbosch the area was dominated by shacks and other informal housing, before the RDP houses that dominate the landscape today were built. Here she became aware of the need to intervene and help those around her who were struggling because of the circumstances they found themselves in.

Knowing she couldn't battle all of life's misfortunes she prioritised the care of destitute women and children, taking orphaned or abandoned youngsters into her home to raise among her own children.

Mama-Assie has invested countless hours of her time and a huge amount of her resources in the improvement of the lives of those around her. She has put a particular focus on the young people having to grow up facing challenging situations such as child-headed homes.


As part of Diphonyana's attempts to provide for the basic needs of the Olievenhoutbosch community, they are currently setting up a recycle swop shop which, as the name suggests, will combine recycling with helping people get their day-to-day necessities.

The project is planned as a three-pronged tool to fight poverty and help the community. It will help clear litter and waste from the environment while providing people with their daily needs, all the time fostering self-help, independence and dignity.

The idea is for people to collect recyclable waste such as tins, bottles and plastic products, and bring it to the swop shop. In exchange they will be given a ticket valued according to the amount of sorted materials they have collected.

The tickets would then be redeemed at the organisation's shop for essential products such as toiletries, food and clothing, depending on what has been donated to Dimphonyana by members of the public sympathetic to the cause.

An example of the valuation system is as follows: 5 points for a loaf of bread, or 35 points for a standard food parcel containing mealie meal, bread, tea bags, cooking oil, soya mince and other basic cooking necessities.

If all goes to plan, this innovative approach to tackling poverty while cleaning up the township will kick off on 1 June this year.


Another smart environment-friendly idea is the Dimphonyana

Mobile clinic to help township residents

mobile-clinic---thumbA mobile clinic for Joburg's destitute northern townships is just one legacy of the sixth and latest Cape Town to Cairo roadshow, an annual event by Philips and its partners focusing on health and well-being in Africa.

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From Media Club South Africa's image library:
the Blyde River Dam wall in Hoedspruit, Limpopo province.