• Wayde van Niekerk, athlete, sprinter Wayde van Niekerk, athlete, sprinter, South African, gold medal, race, 
IAAF World Championships

    South Africa's anthem, prayer power Van Niekerk

    Well wishes from South Africans poured in on the social media pages of Wayde van Niekerk after he won the gold medal in the 400m race at the IAAF World Championships in Beijing. The athlete shared his moments before and after the event.

  • image by jo ractliffe south africa, met, metropolitan museum of art, jo ractliffe, photographs, images, angola, angola civil war

    South African photographer exhibits at New York's Met

    The work of South African photographer Jo Ractliffe is being exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. It features three of her series of works, made over six years, tracking the aftermath of the Angolan Civil War and its relation to South Africa's Border War.

  • south africa, financial services, report south africa, financial services, report, affordable, 2015 brookings 
financial and digital inclusion project, countries, atm, debit cards, 2014 
global findex, imperial college and citi report, subscribers, population

    South Africa is top for affordable financial services

    Three-quarters of adult South Africans have bank accounts, and women generally have equal access to formal financial services. Several mobile money payment systems, initiatives to digitise government transfers, and an extensive banking infrastructure all support financial inclusion.

  • arts and culture minister south africa, living legends legacy project, the department of arts and culture, arts, nathi mthethwa

    South Africa launches project to stimulate arts

    The Department of Arts and Culture has earmarked start-up funding of R5-million for the Living Legends Legacy Project. Through the initiative, established artists will transfer their skills and knowledge to younger artists, while allowing the careers of the legends to continue to grow.

  • concentrated solar power is a viable energy source science, technology, concentrated solar power, helio100, university of 
stellenbosch, alternative energy

    South African research team develops concentrated solar power system

    The Solar Thermal Research Group at Stellenbosch University has completed a prototype system to help make generating solar energy more efficient and cheaper. The Helio100 system uses mirrors to focus the sun's energy on to one central point, turning heat into electricity.

  • mobi-site, website, teenagers, young people, B-Wise mobi-site, website, teenagers, young people, b-wise, aaron motsoaledi, 
health minister

    Experts ready for young South Africans online

    Advice from health experts such as psychologists, nutritionists and general practitioners is now just a few clicks away, following the launch by the Department of Health of a mobi-site targeting young people. It will help adolescents to make informed choices about their health.

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