• Partnering with Africa's farmers

    SA economy grows 1.4% in third quarter

    The South African economy grew by 1.4% in the third quarter according to data released on Tuesday by Statistics SA and analysts say the recovery is expected to gain moderate momentum in the final quarter of 2014.

  • Leading African researchers hunt down Ebola

    South Africa pulls up its sleeves in fight against Ebola

    From running a laboratory in Sierra Leone to diagnose suspected Ebola patients to raising more than R50-million to help fight the outbreak in West Africa, South Africa is playing its part in the international fight against the deadly viral disease.

  • I Decide: giving African women, girls access to contraception

    Women's empowerment 'key to stopping violence'

    Economic empowerment and independence are important pre-conditions to help end gender-based violence, says NGO Gender Links, which will be showcasing the achievements of more than 1 000 survivors during the 16 Days of Activism For No Violence campaign.

  • 16 Days of Activism against abuse

    16 Days of Activism against abuse

    Imagine if, for 16 days, there was no rape, no child abuse. The 16 Days of Activism campaign challenges South Africans to declare a truce on violence against women and children - and, ultimately, to make it a permanent one.

  • Nelson Mandela by Adrian Steirn for 21 Icons 21 icons, adrian steirn, portrait, madiba, nelson mandela

    New online home for Mandela's legacy

    The Nelson Mandela Foundation is preparing for the first anniversary of Madiba's passing in December with the launch of a new-look website and a special interactive exhibition at the Centre of Memory in Johannesburg, where members of the public will be able to pay tribute to their former leader.

  •  seatbelts, arrive alive, car seat

    South Africa tightens seatbelt laws to protect children

    Despite having one of the highest rates of road-related deaths in the world, South African seatbelt laws have not covered children under the age of three. However, from April next year, it will be illegal for children to sit in the front seat or not be appropriately and safely restrained.

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Ndebele tradition 'through the lens'

Mthambothini 'through the lens'

"Your children must know where they are coming from ..." National Geographic photographer Peter Magubane visits a traditional Ndebele homestead in Mthambothini in South Africa's Mpumalanga province.

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Inyathelo celebrates selflessness

inyathelo---thumbOver the past seven years, 80 individuals have been recognised for their personal giving that has contributed to sustainable social change in South Africa. This year, 12 more individuals were added to the list at the eighth annual Inyathelo Philanthropy Awards, held at Zip Zap Circus in Cape Town.

How to stop violence against women and children

Gender based violence thumbDo you think you are being abused? Do you suspect a friend or child you know is being abused? Are you an abuser? With the launch of 16 Days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children, this fact sheet gives advice on how to spot abuse, and how to stop it.

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the Blyde River Dam wall in Hoedspruit, Limpopo province.