• Google takes world on a tour of Robben Island

    Google and the Robben Island Museum have teamed up to offer online tourists an inside view of the prison colony off Cape Town where Nelson Mandela was held for almost two decades.

  • Freedom Park freedom park, isivivane, //hapo, museum, history, human rights day, anti-
apartheid, apartheid, colonisation, democracy

    Telling South Africa's history at Freedom Park

    Overlooking the capital and facing the Voortrekker Monument, Freedom Park on Salvokop outside Pretoria tells the story of the nation, from the beginning of time to democracy. It is a place of healing and reflection, and a tribute to ordinary heroes.

  • Composite satellite image of Africa

    Patel: Africa is vital to South Africa's economy

    South Africa exports almost R300-billion worth of goods to other African countries, sustaining tens of thousands of local jobs. If they close their markets to South African products as a result of xenophobic attacks, local workers will lose their jobs, warns the economic affairs minister.

  • John Shoes Moshoeu john “shoes” moshoeu, soccer, football, bafana bafana, kaizer chiefs

    South Africa loses another hero in Shoes

    Tributes are pouring in for John "Shoes" Moshoeu, one of the country's best-loved soccer players. He played for Kaizer Chiefs and as well as wore the Bafana Bafana jersey with style no less than 73 times, helping the national team win the Africa Cup of Nations in 1996.

  • Thousands of blankets for Madiba

    South Africa knits thousands of blankets for Madiba

    A tapestry of colour surrounded the statue of Nelson Mandela in Pretoria on Tuesday when volunteers from 67 Blankets laid out more than 3 000 square metres of handmade blankets on the lawns of the Union Buildings to commemorate South Africa's 21 years of freedom.

  • All children are legally required to have their own passport. immigration, passports, migration, home affairs

    SA in world's top 51 most powerful passports list

    South African citizens have visa-free access to no fewer than 97 of the world's 194 countries - earning the passport a ranking of 42 out of 51 on travel site GoEuro's 'Ultimate Passport' list.

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Ndebele tradition 'through the lens'

Mthambothini 'through the lens'

"Your children must know where they are coming from ..." National Geographic photographer Peter Magubane visits a traditional Ndebele homestead in Mthambothini in South Africa's Mpumalanga province.

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Graduates reveal education's power to change the world

adult education 572269 640 Four recent graduates from Monash South Africa - Kegaugetswe Pinky Motsomi, Mongezi Godfrey Lomo, Foundation Umaa Kundiona and Karishma Maharaj - will be using their skills, experience and qualifications to play their part and help make South Africa a better place to live, for all.

Heal the Hood turns to music to bring change

chiladiddo---thumbUsing the trappings of hip-hop ¿ music, dance, poetry, graffiti ¿ Heal the Hood encourages young South Africans to find a life outside the drugs, crime and gangs that stalk the streets of their cities and suburbs. And its longevity is testament to its success.

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