• Joseph Phukubje job, beggar, homeless, joseph phukubje, pam green, good samaritan

    First day on job for South African beggar

    A chance meeting with a Good Samaritan at a traffic light where he was begging has led to doors opening for Joseph Phukubje, a homeless young man on the streets of Johannesburg. Within a few days of a Facebook post of his plight, job offers and assistance has poured in.

  • South Africa's textiles industry

    South Africa must up competitiveness

    Manufacturers need to work with the state which has several incentive and support strategies to raise South Africa's competitiveness, says the trade and industry minister. The clothing and textile sector, for example, has several clusters and programmes to help manufacturers.

  • South Africa unpacks Coega potential

    The Coega industrial development zone has contributed almost 15 000 jobs to Eastern Cape and has an investment value of nearly R3bn. It has huge potential to grow more entrepreneurs, placing it well for the country's plan to boost black industrialists.

  • Toby2Shoes DJ toby2shoes, cape town nu world festival, dj

    Cape Town readies for nu world music

    The venerable old Cape Town City Hall will dazzle again over Nelson Mandela International Day weekend, when it throws open its doors to the Cape Town Nu World Festival. Besides music, there will be workshops and talks led by the participating artists, as well as fringe events.

  • Nomfundo Xaluva nomfundo xaluva, national arts festival, naf, music, women, gender

    South African arts fest celebrates women

    This year's National Arts Festival features more women in an effort to amplify female voices in the performing and visual arts. The programme offers everything from musicians to hard- hitting dramas that explore true stories about women rising up against the odds.

  • nelson mandela day mandela day, nelson mandela, mandela month

    South Africa plays its part for Madiba

    The month of July is Mandela Month, when all citizens of the world are encouraged to perpetuate Nelson Mandela's legacy in making our world a better one for all, through acts of kindness, no matter how small. Join the Play your Part for Madiba campaign.

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Mthambothini 'through the lens'

"Your children must know where they are coming from ..." National Geographic photographer Peter Magubane visits a traditional Ndebele homestead in Mthambothini in South Africa's Mpumalanga province.

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Thousands offer to help a beggar find a job

pam_green_joseph_thumbnailA homeless young man in Sandton, Johannesburg received more job offers than he could handle after a Good Samaritan made it her mission to help him when she came across him begging for a job instead of for money or food.

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the Blyde River Dam wall in Hoedspruit, Limpopo province.