About South Africa


Safeguarded by one of the world's most progressive constitutions, an independent judiciary, a free press and a robust multi-party political system.

Sipho Ndlovu, 'Images of South African History No. 4'

Animals and plants

Far more varied than just the famous "Big Five" - and supported by an extraordinary biological diversity.

Arts and culture

Art, dance, literature, music, theatre - not forgetting food and wine - all the facets of our rich cultural kaleidoscope.


South Africa has the most advanced, broad-based industrial sector on the continent.


Private and public institutions, government policy, schools and universities, resources, links and more.

Geography and climate

Two oceans, almost 3 000 kilometres of coastline, and massive geo- and biodiversity.


A constitutional democracy with three tiers - national, provincial and local government - each with their own executive authority.

Health care

A transforming public health care system, its relation to a growing private health sector, and the challenges they face.

History and heritage

Take a quick tour through our rich, dramatic history - then discover some of the ways in which you can bring it to life!


A free and flourishing press, radio and TV, vibrant community radio, expanding internet presence, and resurgent film industry.


More than 51,7-million people with a wide variety of cultures, languages and religious beliefs. Welcome to the Rainbow Nation!

Science and technology

Find out why South Africa is a centre for science and technology research, development and innovation on the continent.

Social development

Government, business and civil society initiatives to improve the lives of all South Africans.

Sustainable development

Development for "people, planet, prosperity" didn't start with the World Summit in South Africa. It didn't end there, either.


It's the national religion. Transcending race, politics or language group, sport unites the country - get a piece of the action!

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Fast facts

Our land area, population, GDP, infrastructure, tourist attractions and more. >

Where we are

Here's where you'll find us
You'll find us on the southern tip of Africa - where two oceans meet.

Open for business

First-world infrastructure combines with a vibrant emerging market economy to create huge investment potential. >

Ideal for travel

We've got it all: abundant wildlife, beautiful beaches, year-round sunshine, superb sport facilities - and more. >

Photo galleries

People, coastline, wildlife, architecture, industry ... take a quick photo tour of a country as diverse as it is beautiful. >