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South African scientists depart on whale studying expedition

Scientists have shipped out to research and collect data on humpback whales off the west coast of South Africa. Research will include sampling the environment and tagging whales to better understand their behaviour. Small cameras will also be attached to some whales.

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33 rescued circus lions find safe home in South Africa

Nearly three dozen lions from circuses in Peru and Colombia have been rescued by the Animal Defenders International organisation and will find a safe new home at the Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary in Limpopo province, in South Africa "where they belong", according to the rescue group.

Rhino poaching: behind the scenes with South African rangers

South Africa's Kruger National Park gave a news team insight into its work to prevent rhino poaching. In this behind-the-scenes exclusive, the rangers also show new methods they use to save these endangered species, including helicopter tracking and dog units.

South African rhinos need technology to curb poaching

A British conservation group has run tests on several South African rhinos to implement a new way of stopping poaching. We Are Protect makes use of high-tech devices such as spy cameras to monitor each rhino.

#WorldRhinoDay2015 Fighting the good fight for the rhino

September 22 2015 is World Rhino Day, a day of celebration of one of the world's most intriguing animals, but also one of the most endangered creatures walking the earth.

South African citizens get free access to national parks

South Africans are encouraged to take part in National Parks Week running from 14 to 20 September when they have free access to activities such as abseiling. They are also given an opportunity to learn more about the country's wild animals and natural heritage.

Sibella, Karoo's queen of the cheetahs, dies

Sibella, the first cheetah to be reintroduced into the Great Karoo in 125 years, died at the mature age of 14 following an injury suffered while hunting a duiker buck. Sibella was responsible for a significant jump in the local cheetah population, birthing an astonishing 20 cubs.

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