Animals and plants

South Africans get free access to parks for a week

With Heritage and Tourism Month under way, South Africa's natural wonders will be available to all citizens for free. During SANParks Week in mid-September, there is no charge for South Africans to the country's many beautiful national parks.

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New colony for African penguin on the cards

The population of African penguins has dwindled drastically over the past three decades, mostly as a result of human activity. Now humans are stepping in to try to save them from extinction. BirdLife South Africa plans to build a new colony for the animals.

Go on safari with South African ranger and vlogger

Do you know what a bushman's candle is? Ranger Ryno Erasmus explains this and much more on his recently created YouTube channel Ryno in the Bush. He takes you on safari and teaches you all about what to expect in the wild.

Eastern Cape roadworks uncover unique fossil treasure trove

Recent roadworks in South Africa's Eastern Cape have uncovered a priceless assemblage of unique fossils, many of them previously undocumented species. The find confirms the area as an important global palaeontological hub.

Rescued lions find home in South Africa

Thirty three lions rescued from circuses in Peru and Colombia have arrived safely in South Africa. Animal Defenders International saved the animals and transported them to their new home, Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary in Limpopo.

South Africa's national parks

South Africa has a vast system of natural reserves to protect indigenous plants, animals, landscapes and cultural heritage. They range from the vast flagship Kruger National Park larger than some countries to the tiny Bontebok National Park in the Western Cape.

South Africa's wildlife wonders

There's more to South African wildlife than the celebrated "Big Five". From big to small, meat eater to ant eater, primate to reptile ... our animals (and birds) are wild, varied and abundant.

South African wildlife experiences

Wildlife experiences

Some of the ways you can experience South Africa's extraordinary wildlife and wilderness for yourself. >

World heritage

We're home to eight World Heritage sites, places of "outstanding value to humanity". >
South Africa's World Heritage sites
Sustainable development in South Africa

Sustainable development

South African initiatives for "people, planet, prosperity". >

South Africa photo galleries

Gallery: South Africa's 


The famous Big Five - elephant, lion, rhino, leopard and buffalo - and more. >

Gallery: South Africa's national parks

National parks

Kgalagadi's desert, Kruger's wildlife, Mapungubwe's ancient heritage, and more. >

Gallery: South Africa's birdlife


Some of the more striking of the 850 or so bird species recorded in South Africa. >

Gallery: South Africa's plant life

Plant life

Five major habitat types, and some 10% of the world's flowering species. >