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iThemba Tower combines art, recycling and community

A unused communication tower in Troyeville, Johannesburg is being transformed into a permanent public art installation, with the help of the community and informal waste collectors.

street art Troyeville ithemba tower, street art, Troyeville, Johannesburg, r1, recycling

Oyinbo Princess, the Nollywood actress with a difference

Meet the "Oyinbo Princess", a talented British actress with a love of Nigerian culture and an excellent command of the language, who is making waves in the Nollywood film business.

Johannesburg, art hub, ends year on high note

Johannesburg staked its claim as an art hub this year with a wildly popular Matisse exhibition at the Standard Bank Gallery. But it was only one of several events during a year that is ending with the start of First Thursdays and Air: Inspiration Expiration.

Six classic South African sandwiches

South African sandwiches are rich in both taste and history, bringing together the heritages of all the nation's cultures in creating the ultimate national comfort food. Here are six of the best.

Rest in peace Mandoza: Kwaito 'top dog's' greatest moments

South African kwaito musician Mandoza died on 18 September 2016, after being diagnosed with a brain tumour. The man behind the crossover kwaito hit Nkalakatha was 38.

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