22 monuments for 22 years of freedom

With April marking the 22nd anniversary of South Africa’s freedom, Media Club South Africa showcases 22 monuments that pay homage to those who made this country great.

The statue of Mahatma Gandhi

South Africa's tribute to Andrew Young

The Nelson Mandela Foundation in Joburg held a tribute event for American activist and politician Andrew J Young. He recalled his interactions with South African struggle stalwarts during apartheid, while attendees commended his contribution to global justice.

South Africa's Constitution: youth weigh in

A new exhibition at the Nelson Mandela Foundation in Joburg, My Constitution, shows what young people – those born in a democratic South Africa – think of the Constitution. While the document is still applauded as one of the best in the world, these youngsters question it.

South African local elections date set

The date for the next local government elections has been set for 3 August. All South Africans eligible to vote are encouraged to register so that they can use their democratic right to vote.

Register to vote on 9 and 10 April

The final voter registration drive before this year’s local government elections will be held on the weekend of 9 and 10 April 2016. All South Africans are urged to get their names on the voters’ roll, so they can use their democratic right to choose the municipal leaders they want.

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Political parties

A vibrant multiparty political system, with 13 parties represented in Parliament.

The media in SA

South Africa boasts a free and independent press, liberalised public and commercial radio and TV, vibrant community radio, an expanding internet presence, and a resurgent film industry. Read more...
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72 days that shaped SA

Just how "miraculous" was our transition to democracy? How close did we really come to civil war? Check out press clippings of the 72 days leading up to South Africa's first democratic elections - and see how heavily the odds were stacked against "the rainbow nation".