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South Africa tots up population wins

HIV infections are down, life expectancy is up; more people are living longer and infant mortality is declining. Statistics South Africa released its mid-year population estimates report, adding its weight to figures from UNAids that the country is making strides against HIV and Aids.

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Work goes ahead on Mandela children's hospital

The Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital will be completed in February 2016, when it will be handed over for fittings and finishings. It is expected to open its doors for patients towards the end of next year. Recruitment is also under way to staff the institute.

WHO calls for African emergency centre

Lessons learned from the Ebola outbreak need to be applied in setting up regional, national and continental facilities to deal with emergencies quickly and efficiently. At the same time, research and development is needed into combating diseases that affect developing countries.

Global recognition for South African lab

The National Health Laboratory Service has been nominated for the European Quality awards in the health care category, in recognition of its high standards and leading position in pathology and diagnostic services. The winner will be announced in Switzerland this week.

South Africa reflects on battle to curb HIV and Aids

A call was made for a renewed commitment to fighting HIV and particularly for behaviour change among men for the empowerment of women at the seventh SA Aids Conference. While South Africa had come a long way, there were still challenges, such as high new infection rates.

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