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Saluting Sharpeville's heroes, South Africa's human rights

On 21 March 1960, 69 people were killed and hundreds wounded during a peaceful protest against the pass laws. It was a watershed moment, in hindsight marking the beginning of the end for the apartheid government.

Saluting Sharpeville's heroes, South Africa's human rights

Constitution Hill: window on a brutal past

Sitting astride a ridge on the northern edge of Johannesburg's inner city, Constitution Hill is a symbol of how far South Africa has come. Once a notorious prison filled with anti-apartheid activists, it is now the seat of the highest court in the land, where freedom, democracy and justice are defended.

Robert Sobukwe: South Africa's non-racial Africanist

Academic, lawyer, founder of the Pan-Africanist Congress and one of the first to propose a "non-racial" rather than "multi-racial" future, Robert Sobukwe, one of the South Africa's greatest but often forgotten heroes, died this week 36 years ago.

Remembering Egerton on Heritage Day

Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe will unveil an upgraded Egerton Bus Boycott Massacre Memorial Site in Mdantsane in the Eastern Cape on Tuesday as part of South Africa's national Heritage Day celebrations.

A short history of South Africa

Take a brief tour through the rich, dramatic history of South Africa: from the earliest inhabitants through colonisation to the discovery of diamonds and gold and the war that followed; from the formation and evolution of black resistance, through three decades of crisis to the eventual death of apartheid.

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