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South Africa plans memorial to banished chieftainess

A burial and memorial site will honour late chieftainess Makwena Matlala in Limpopo. Matlala was the first woman banished by the apartheid government for being unco-operative regarding its policies. She was sent away in 1950 and was only allowed to return in 1965.

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South Africa honours female freedom fighters

As Women’s Month draws to a close, KwaZulu-Natal has unveiled plans for statues to be installed in the province over the next four months to honour three women who were involved in the fight against apartheid. They are Margaret Mncadi, Victoria Mxenge and Dorothy Nyembe.

South African PhD student describes new dinosaur

A Wits University student is one of the authors of a report published in Scientific Reports that describes a new dinosaur found on a Free State farm. Named Pulanesaurus eocollum, it was “relatively small” at 8m long and weighing 5 tons.

Threat to South African archeological treasure

A cave in KwaZulu-Natal, which carries evidence of humanity's first cultural exploits, is under threat as South Africa tries to find a balance between saving a precious heritage site and providing homes for the poor. Sibudu has been nominated for Unesco World Heritage status.

Pretoria revamps Solomon Mahlangu Freedom Square

The revamped Solomon Mahlangu Freedom Square in Mamelodi, Pretoria is testament to South Africa's struggle for freedom. Mahlangu's statue is now the focal point of the public space, with further enhancements planned for the area.

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