Professor Sliwa: the heart of African cardiology

Professor Karen Sliwa has put South African, and African, cardiology on the map. This year, the members of the World Heart Federation selected her as the president-elect of the body. Her choice to study medicine in Germany and work in South Africa were both serendipitous.

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Khoi San centre will keep heritage alive

After completing their award-winning documentary, the Lost Tongue production company, Mvura Ya Afrika Productions, want to return to the San community and build a community centre to help save the rich culture of the San.

South African teen wins big at Google Science Fair

A South African teenager has walked away with the Google Science Fair Grand Prize. Kiara Nirghi’s winning entry is an economically friendly and sustainable solution to drought. She hopes her project will improve food security and the lives of people.

South Africa's 50 ways of headwrapping

A South African woman wrote a book about 50 ways to style a doek, a South African headwrap. And if you don't have a scarf or wrap handy, she can even show you how to do it by using a T-shirt or a pair of jeans.

South African female authors share their journeys

Two South African female authors share the journey of their writing process. The books they have penned address issues many women can identify with, one of which tells stories of 11 other women.

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