Young South Africans: This is how we do it

Social media is more than a means to keep in touch with friends and family. Young South Africans are using these platforms to enrich their lives to build personal brands or their business or using it for educational purposes.

Nompumelelo Mpumi Nobiva, South African Nompumelelo Mpumi Nobiva, South African, motivational speaker

South African artist Black Coffee wins at BET Awards

A South African musician has, for the first time, won an award at the Black Entertainment Television Awards. Nominated alongside fellow African and South African artists, Black Coffee took home the "Best International Act-Africa" accolade.

South African entrepreneurs: tips to grow your business

How do you create an income? You identify a need in your community and create a solution. In honour of Youth Month, entrepreneurs share lessons they learned while growing their businesses.

Ramadan begins in South Africa

Ramadan begins today in South Africa. The month-long fast, from sunrise to sunset, is one of the five pillars of belief for Muslims across the globe.

South African classic The Suit made into a short film

The trailer for the film version of South African writer Can Themba's classic short story, The Suit, has been released. The film has been selected for a number of local and African film festivals. It stars Atandwa Kani, his acting legend father John Kani, and Phuti Nakene.

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