Kathrada wants to live on South Africa's Robben Island

At a talk about his book, Triumph of the Human Spirit, struggle veteran Ahmed Kathrada said that he would like to make Robben Island his home. He spent 18 years imprisoned on the island, and since his release from prison in 1989, has visited the site 300 times.

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South African firefighters well-received in Canada

A crew of 48 firefighters from the South African organisation Working on Fire has been well- received in Canada, where they have been deployed to help battle wild fires in Edmonton, Alberta and British Columbia. They have received high praise from the Canadians.

South African politician receives Spanish knighthood

Former deputy international relations minister and activist Ebrahim Ebrahim has been awarded the Spanish Order of Civil Merit from the king of Spain, King Felipe VI, for an extraordinary contribution to international politics and global peace brokering.

Africa's first drone licence for South African pilot

In a first for Africa, a South African pilot has received a drone licence. Nicole Swart, who has an airline transport pilot's licence, believes having the drone licence puts her ahead of the curve in the aviation industry because technology is advancing quickly.

Gugulethu winemaker toasts success

In South Africa's townships, wine was associated with cheap liquor, says winemaker Nondumiso Pikashe. People saw it as the favoured drink for old men who wanted to get drunk quickly, but she saw a different side and today runs the successful, 100% female owned Ses'fikile wines.

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