South Africa mourns struggle stalwart Ruth Mompati

Ruth Segomotsi Mompati dedicated her life to serving the people of South Africa, joining the ANC as a young woman while working in the law offices of Mandela & Tambo in Johannesburg. A champion of women's rights, she was one of the leaders of the historic women's anti-pass march on 9 August 1956. Mompati died on Tuesday morning. She was 89.

Struggle veteran Ruth Mompati

Elon Musk reveals battery to power homes

A solar-powered battery that allows home owners to go completely off-grid has been unveiled by South African-born and raised technology entrepreneur Elon Musk, who believes his company's latest innovation will help change the "entire energy infrastructure of the world".

Watch: Trevor Noah, new host of the Daily Show

Comedy Central Africa says Trevor Noah's appointment as the new host of The Daily Show is "an extraordinary milestone for Africa comedy". Watch the routines that helped the South African comedian snatch one of the hottest spots on US television.

Top global lawyer gives back to South Africa

One of the top four mergers and acquisitions lawyers in the world operates out of an office in Africa's commercial heart. Peter Tshisevhe will not step away from a fight, and his fight now is for excellence: "We need our best and brightest to create the environment where we all grow" he says.

Robert Sobukwe: South Africa's first non-racial Africanist

As South Africa marks Human Rights month, we pay tribute to one of South Africa's greatest but often forgotten heroes of the struggle for freedom.

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