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Cape seals hunt sharks off Cape Point

The hunted has become the hunter off the coast of Cape Town, where shark expert Chris Fallows has witnessed Cape fur seals catch and partially eat small blue sharks. The remarkable discovery has been published in the latest edition of the African Journal of Marine Science.

South Africa leads the way at Safari-1

More than two decades ago, Safari-1 was the first nuclear research reactor in the world to turn its back on weapons grade fuel. Leading the Atoms for Peace charge, South Africa is the only country to give up nuclear weapons in favour of science. Safari-1 turned 50 this month.

SKA bosses agree on Phase 1 design

Phase One of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), with a budget of 650-million, comprises two complementary world-class instruments one in South Africa and one in Australia. The project to build the world's largest telescope will deliver "exciting and transformational science", SKA says.

SKA will drive growth of Africa's human capital

The Square Kilometre Array will contribute to Africa's efforts to build innovation-led, knowledge-based economies, says Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa. It fits into African Union's Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy and is developing a new cohort of young scientists.

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