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South Africa is ready for nuclear new build

The Nuclear Energy Corporation, a global leader in nuclear medicine, has said it is ready and able to support South Africa's planned nuclear new build programme, using its existing facilities. There has been a call for more transparency around the controversial programme.

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nuclear energy corporation

New Research Chairs at South African university

Stellenbosch University and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research have established two new Research Chairs one in artificial intelligence and one in quantum, optical and atomic physics. Both are expected to boost innovation and discovery in these fields.

Africa's first drone licence for South African pilot

In a first for Africa, a South African pilot has received a drone licence. Nicole Swart, who has an airline transport pilot's licence, believes having the drone licence puts her ahead of the curve in the aviation industry because technology is advancing quickly.

Karoo rocks explain mass extinction

A decades-long study of the rocks in South Africa's Karoo has revealed that a single cataclysmic event on land and sea led to the Permian extinction, when life on Earth nearly came to an end. It happened about 200 million years before the dinosaurs died out, and was more severe.

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