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International agencies affirm South Africa's ratings

Standard & Poor's and Fitch both kept their ratings of South Africa steady on Friday. They were confident that The Treasury was committed to tight fiscal discipline, but warned that weak economic growth, industrial action and persistent electricity shortages kept their outlook negative.

Mining in South Africa

South Africa has a plan for electricity

Prompted by concerns about the effect the power outages are having on households and businesses across the country, the government has drawn up a five-point plan to deal with the electricity crisis. A war room has been set up to oversee the implementation of the plan.

SA Airways to test tobacco biofuel in 2015

A crop of a nicotine-free, GMO-free tobacco plant called Solaris is soon to be harvested in South Africa's Limpopo province – and turned into bio-jet fuel. Working with international partners, South African Airways plans to have its first domestic test flight using the fuel as early as next year.

New laws will streamline SA mining

The One Environmental System, which is aimed at improving the competitiveness of South Africa's mining industry by simplifying procedures for licensing, environmental authorisations and water use, came into effect this week.

Nuclear power holds promise for SA

Despite public resistance, there are many positive benefits to nuclear energy, not least of which is an end to load shedding and blackouts. "People need to understand that we are not a scary industry; we are in your everyday world," says the Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa's Xolisa Mabhongo.

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