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SAA procurement plan is welcomed

South African Airways will allocate at least 50% of its procurement budget of R20-billion over the next three years to black industrialists. The decision has been welcomed by business and government departments.

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Mining Operation Phakisa gets going

The next step in South Africa's big fast results plan, Operation Phakisa, targets the mining sector. Work begins in August. In the run-up to the first collaborations, the final Mining Charter report has found that many rights holders are not meeting the charter targets.

South Africa sets up fund for new industrialists

Black industrialists are to benefit from a R23-billion fund, while the Industrial Development Corporation has earmarked R100-billion over five years to grow industrialisation, transformation and job creation. The moves are intended to bring more South Africans into the economic mainstream.

Acsa plans R7.7-bn overhaul for Cape Town International

The Airports Company South Africa says its expansion plans for Cape Town International include the upgrading of the domestic and international terminals and the realignment of the runway.

South Africa grants 36 new mining licences

Despite tough conditions, the Department of Mineral Resources had approved more than 36 new mining rights projects in the past year that have the potential to create about 6 000 jobs, Minister Ngoako Ramathlodi told Parliament during the tabling of his department's budget.

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