MTBPS 2015: Nene 'cost cutting reduces government consumption'

Finance Minister Nene says cost containment measures implemented in 2013 have led to a drop in state consumption, and the Treasury has proposed a rise in spending in the long term to sustain debt levels in rough economic times, including a R200-million investment in energy.

medium term budget policy statement 2015  medium term budget policy statement, Nhlanhla Nene, national 
treasury, Medupi, energy.

Chinese government pledges billions to industrialise Africa

Chinese delegates, including commerce vice-minister Zhang Xiangchen met South Africa's Trade and Industry director-general to discuss their multibillion-rand investment into Africa and the upcoming Forum on China-Africa Co-operation, to be held in December.

Trade unions in South Africa

South Africa's trade union movement, the largest and most disciplined on the continent, has played an influential role in determining labour market and industrial relations policies in the country.

Thomas Piketty to deliver Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture

Renowned French economist Thomas Piketty will deliver the 13th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture on 3 October 2015 at the University of Johannesburg's Soweto Campus. His book Capital in the Twenty-First Century has been a worldwide sensation.

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