Trade unions in South Africa

South Africa's trade union movement, the largest and most disciplined on the continent, has played an influential role in determining labour market and industrial relations policies in the country.

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South Africans must work for good of economy

President Jacob Zuma referred to our "collective responsibility" to get the economy to perform at its full potential. South Africans can support the economy by buying a locally made products each purchase stimulates demand and builds our industries and creates jobs.

SA looks at pension for low-income earners

Social security for vulnerable workers is being investigated by the Department of Labour, which will seek information on international best practice from the International Labour Organization. A discussion paper will be tabled at Nedlac following approval by the Cabinet.

NDP implementation framework unveiled

The government has unveiled a five-year framework for implementing South Africa's National Development Plan (NDP). The framework will focus the government's efforts on a set of manageable programmes as it works to grow the economy while tackling unemployment, poverty and inequality.

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