Investing in South Africa

South Africa must up competitiveness

Manufacturers need to work with the state which has several incentive and support strategies to raise South Africa's competitiveness, says the trade and industry minister. The clothing and textile sector, for example, has several clusters and programmes to help manufacturers.

South Africa's textiles industry

South Africa unpacks Coega potential

The Coega industrial development zone has contributed almost 15 000 jobs to Eastern Cape and has an investment value of nearly R3bn. It has huge potential to grow more entrepreneurs, placing it well for the country's plan to boost black industrialists.

Facebook opens offices in South Africa

In a first for the continent, Facebook has opened an office in Johannesburg. The social networking platform is already a central part of people's lives in Africa, it says. And with more than a billion people in Africa, "we want to do more to help people and businesses connect".

West Coast One helps to power South Africa

The 94 megawatt wind farm north of Cape Town, West Coast One, is up and running. Costing R2.2-billion, it will offset an estimated 5.6 million tons of carbon dioxide over the next 20 years. The project is a partnership between Engie, Investec and Kagiso Tiso Holdings.

Irish group lands South Africa wind farm

Two wind farms, with a generating capacity of 250 megawatts and representing an investment of R5.9-billion, will be built by the Irish company, Mainstream Renewable Power. The wind farms are in the Nama Khoi municipality in Northern Cape and in the Cape Winelands district.

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