South African scholars to study in China

Out of a 180 applications to study in China, 53 successful applicants are about to depart to the east to start their tertiary education. Along with the excitement for the opportunity, comes a sense of responsibility to be gracious guests and excellent representatives of South Africa overseas.

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South Africa unpacks Coega potential

The Coega industrial development zone has contributed almost 15 000 jobs to Eastern Cape and has an investment value of nearly R3bn. It has huge potential to grow more entrepreneurs, placing it well for the country's plan to boost black industrialists.

A billion dollars to invest in Africa

TPG Growth and Satya Capital are looking for entrepreneurial partnerships north of the Limpopo River that could benefit South African businesses. Their investment partnership will invest in growth stage companies and the next generation of entrepreneurs across the continent.

R10bn boost for SA's Saldanha Bay

A R9.65-billion private-public investment at Saldanha Bay, on South Africa's West Coast, aims at improve the deep-water port's ability to service to offshort oil and gas industry, the Transnet National Ports Authority announced on Monday.

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