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South African innovation agency invests R300m

The Technology Innovation Agency has adopted a five-year strategy that focuses on partnerships, collaboration and high yield synergistic relationships, nationally, on the continent and further afield. The aim is to position South Africa for greater localisation and beneficiation.

Technology Innovation Agency, annual report, projects, Technology Innovation Agency, annual report, projects

Small businesses in South Africa honoured

Business leaders and small companies were recognised for their contributions to the economy in the 2015 South African Small Business Awards. It was said that despite the economy struggling, these leaders made a positive impact through their commitment and perseverance.

South Africa's sports awards nominees are announced

South Africa's sportsmen and women will be honoured at the 10th annual sports awards on 22 November in Free State. It's a chance to pay tribute to their excellence on and off the field. Celebrations will include top sporting moments of the past decade, on the anniversary milestone.

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