South Africa ranks 30 for worldwide innovation influence

South Africa has ranked moderately in a report showcasing how domestic policy can foster global innovation. South Africa came in at 30 out of 56 countries. Kenya was the only other African country to be featured in the rankings.

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Solar solution mooted for Africa's produce wastage problem

ColdHubs, a Nigeria-based refrigeration company, is using solar power to help farmers solve food waste challenges associated with preserving and transporting produce. The idea has been recognised by the UN as one of the best environmentally friendly innovations of 2015.

South African aviation sector must look at skills shortage

Tackling the skills shortage in South Africa was one of the topics discussed at the global Avi Afrique aviation summit. Unemployment and poverty were other priorities for the sector. A highlight of the event was the Avi Awards, won by a South African entrepreneur for his innovative aircraft.

South African research team develops concentrated solar power system

The Solar Thermal Research Group at Stellenbosch University has completed a prototype system to help make generating solar energy more efficient and cheaper. The Helio100 system uses mirrors to focus the sun's energy on to one central point, turning heat into electricity.

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