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Female and rural farmers focus of agro-processing conference

Insight into the training offered to emerging farmers at Buhle Farmers' Academy, as well as the potential of indigenous crops to bring food security to African farmers were hot topics at the Agro-Processing Africa Conference.

Zamo Shongwe, Buhle Buhle Farmers Academy, Zamo Shongwe

South Africa's Black Mambas inspire Hollywood film

The story of South Africa's Black Mamba anti-poaching unit, made up of female game rangers, is to become a Hollywood film that will highlight their work in protecting threatened wildlife, particularly rhino.

South Africa makes history with HIV vaccine trial

South Africa is taking part in an experimental vaccine programme to curb HIV. Just over 5 000 volunteers, from 15 cities across five provinces, will participate, following screening. Results from the trial will be released in late 2020.

Where to get help in South Africa if you are being abused

Numerous organisations around South Africa provide services such as counselling, temporary shelter and legal help to people in abusive relationships. We've compiled a guide with phone numbers and other contact details.

Mandela Children's Hospital finally opens

More than 10 years in the planning, grown from one of Nelson Mandela's most cherished dreams, a state-of-the-art Johannesburg paediatric hospital named for the former statesman, will officially open its doors on 2 December 2016.

South African satellite ready for lift off

A nanosatellite built in South Africa will be sent to space early next year to collect data for atmospheric research as part of the European Commission's QB50 project.

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