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Weblines: SA headlines for webmasters

Is your website about something South African? Want your visitors to get the SA story, but don't have time to tell it yourself? Get a free piece of our action with Weblines updating headlines pulled from onto your website.

There's no cost and no maintenance just copy and paste a few lines of code onto your site, tweak it a bit (if necessary) to suit your layout, and let us do the rest.


Three easy steps:

Step 1 See the two boxes below. Choose which version you want to appear on your site.

Step 2 Each box is accompanied by a few lines of html code, starting with <iframe ... > and ending with </iframe>. Copy this piece of code.

Step 3 Paste the code into your website's html. Where you paste it will depend on where you want the box to appear.

That's it. Upload the changes, and the box will appear on your site, calling SAinfo headlines from a file that we update on our side.

  • You can, if you want, adjust how the box appears on your page see below.

  • Please drop us an e-mail letting us know that you're running the box. And thank you for your support!

BOX 1 top 7 stories

Coding for box 1:

<iframe src= width=260 height=125 marginwidth=5 marginheight=5 scrolling=no></iframe>

BOX 2 top 7 stories plus

Coding for box 2:

<iframe src= width=275 height=125 marginwidth=5 marginheight=5></iframe>


You can adjust how the box appears on your page by modifying the settings inside your <iframe...> tag, in the following ways:

Box alignment:
To change how the box aligns on your page, add any of the following into your <iframe...> tag:

  • align=center centres the box
  • align=left content wraps round the right of the box
  • align=right content wraps round the left of the box
  • align=top box on top of surrounding content
  • align=bottom box below surrounding content
Box width / height:
Rewrite width=x to change the width of the box. For example: width=250 will give you a 250 pixel wide box; width=80% will give you a box that takes up 80% of the width available in the place you've put it. Ditto for height.

Margin width / height:
Rewrite marginwidth=x (and/or marginheight=x) to change the space (in pixels) between the sides and the content of the box.

Space around the box:
Add hspace=x and/or vspace=x if you want to set the amount of space in pixels (hspace for the sides, vspace for above and below) between the box and any content surrounding it.

Box border:
Add frameborder=0 if you want to suppress the border around the box.

Terms and conditions of use

By using our update boxes, you are deemed to have accepted our terms and conditions of use.

Your country needs you ... to believe in it! (Photo: Brand South Africa)

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