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SA, Norway to train Sudanese police

23 November 2009

The South African Police Service, the National Treasury and the Royal Norwegian Embassy have signed a R55-million agreement to support a police training project in Sudan.

The funds earmarked for the project will be divided in three parts, with 70% being spent in southern Sudan, 20% in Darfur, and 10% in the capital, Khartoum.

Creating a safe, secure environment

"The purpose of [the agreement] was ... to provide assistance in the field of safety and security in support of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) between the north and south of Sudan, the Darfur Peace Agreement, and overall security capacity building," the Department of International Relations and Cooperation said in a statement this week.

At that time, the Norwegian Embassy was consulted for financial assistance on the implementation of the agreement.

"The Department of International Relations and Cooperation, the SAPS and the Royal Norwegian Embassy believe that this project will greatly assist in creating a more secure and safe environment in the Sudan especially southern Sudan and Darfur," the statement read.

The police project will also assist towards the implementation of the CPA by strengthening the police forces in Southern Sudan.

Close cooperation

The project is an example of the manifestation of the close cooperation among different government departments in South Africa in the execution of South Africa's foreign policy in Africa and between South Africa and Norway in the context of North-South relations and South Africa's relations with the European Union (EU).

"The partnership of Norwegian finance and South African expertise is an example of what could be achieved to address the shortcomings in Africa with creative solutions," the department said.

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