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Using data for scientific independence in Africa

The first Africa Data Challenge calls for data-driven projects that have a practical, human impact in Africa, which is falling behind in the race for scientific development. Innovators can pitch their ideas at the #ScienceAfrica UnConference in London.

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Wits University researchers reveal how the tortoise got its shell

Dr Tyler Lyson and his colleagues at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg have published a paper on the origin of the tortoise's shell, and how these creatures came to develop their breathing apparatus.

South African science scholars shine in the Sasol Solar Challenge

The Sasol Solar Challenge brings global teams together to compete in a gruelling endurance race across 2000km in purpose-built solar-powered vehicles. The challenge aims to raise the profile of science among South African students and spur development in renewable energy.

SA team develops HIV monitoring tool

An innovative electronic register that monitors patients on treatment for HIV and tuberculosis developed by the University of Cape Town is being picked up by other countries across the world, including Mozambique, Vietnam and Pakistan.

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