Science and technology

South African university plans telescope

A R70-million telescope is planned for the University of KwaZulu-Natal. The Hirax will be the university's legacy project, and will allow its astronomers to look back in time, to a few billion years after the beginning of time. It will consist of a thousand dishes of 6m in diameter each.

South Africa launches space agency

Global recognition for South African lab

The National Health Laboratory Service has been nominated for the European Quality awards in the health care category, in recognition of its high standards and leading position in pathology and diagnostic services. The winner will be announced in Switzerland this week.

New dinosaur discovery in South Africa

Distinctive bones hidden among the many fossils at Wits University come from a newly discovered dinosaur. Found on the border of Lesotho and South Africa, the new dinosaur has been named Sefapanosaurus from a Sesotho word.

South African girls get head start in technology

When it comes to the ICT sector in South Africa, women are under-represented. But there are a range of initiatives on the go to bring a better gender balance to the industry initiatives such as Techno Girls, which offers job shadowing and on-going mentorship.

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