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South African team uncovers answers to the origin of turtles

Wits University's Evolutionary Studies Institute has uncovered prehistoric secrets about the evolution of the turtle based on a 260 million-year-old fossil found in the Karoo, perhaps ending a "vigorous debate that has been going on for as long as we've had a theory of evolution".

Eunotosaurus africanus fossil Wits University, Evolutionary Studies 
Institute, Gaberial Bever, palaeontology, turtles, Eunotosaurus africanus

South African research team develops concentrated solar power system

The Solar Thermal Research Group at Stellenbosch University has completed a prototype system to help make generating solar energy more efficient and cheaper. The Helio100 system uses mirrors to focus the sun's energy on to one central point, turning heat into electricity.

New South African telescope to promote the sciences

A new telescope installed at North West University is expected to help find answers to some of the age-old questions humans ask, such as where do we come from. It will also be used in outreach efforts to inspire an interest among students and others in the sciences.

South Africa reaches one million domains

Following its creation in 1992, the domain zone has hit the one million mark, says the ZA Central Registry, which manages it and other domains. The first website to use the domain was, which looks almost unrecognisable compared to today's websites.

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