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SA scientists helping to develop 'game-changing' TB drug

South African scientists are part of an international research group that is on track to deliver more effective, less expensive and shorter TB treatment - and one which also has the potential to cure multi-drug-resistant TB - using a new combination of drugs.

SA scientists helping to develop 'game-changing' TB drug

Million-year-old artifacts found in South Africa

Scientists have uncovered tens of thousands of Earlier Stone Age artifacts at a site in South Africa's Northern Cape province, revealing an extraordinarily rich archaeological deposit whose full extent has yet to be determined - but which is threatened by modern development.

South Africa supports another Nasa satellite launch

South Africa successfully assisted with the launch of Nasa's Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 satellite on 2 July - the latest in a number of such launches the country has been involved in - the SA National Space Agency revealed on Thursday.

Africa's first accelerator mass spectrometry lab unveiled

Africa's first accelerator mass spectrometry laboratory was unveiled at the University of Johannesburg on Monday, boosting South Africa's efforts to grow the continent's next generation of innovators, researchers and technicians.

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