Science and technology

South Africa hosts nuclear energy conference

Organisers of the Nuclear Supply Chain conference, to be held in South Africa at the start of December, have urged companies working in construction to participate in their discussions. There are opportunities for the country's construction industry in the new build programme, they say.

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South African breakthrough for cancer diagnosis

A new South African medical invention combines the abilities of digital mammography and ultrasound technology into one screening, cutting down on the time it takes for more accurate breast cancer detection. It also means financial savings because only one machine is needed.

South African children to learn the art of coding

The Department of Science and Technology and a host of South African universities will team up with Africa Teen Geeks to teach thousands of children from disadvantaged areas the basics of computer coding during December, as part of International Computer Science Week.

South Africa's first: truck driving simulation

In an effort to reduce the number of truck-related accidents on the road, South Africa's first three-dimensional truck simulator has been set up in KwaZulu-Natal. It gives drivers practical experience and training before they go out on to the road at the wheel.

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