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South Africa is the fourth-best country in the world - Conde Nast Traveler

Readers of the prestigious Conde Nast Traveler magazine have rated South Africa as the fourth-best country to visit - ahead of traditional tourist favourites such as France, Spain, Thailand and Morocco.

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South Africa's weather and climate

A subtropical location, moderated by ocean on two sides of the triangle-shaped country and the altitude of the interior plateau, account for the warm temperate conditions so typical of South Africa – and so popular with its foreign visitors.

Top South African hotels ranked among best

Johannesburg's InterContinental Airport Hotel and the Taj Hotel in Cape Town have received a top customer rating from travel website Expedia. Both hotels have been endorsed through online reviews by guests to become part of Expedia’s prestigious Insiders' Select list.

To and from OR Tambo Airport

Assess your options for getting from Africa's busiest airport to wherever you're staying in the city – and back again.

isiZulu phrasebook for tourists

South Africa is a friendly country and it's worth taking the time to speak to people you meet. isiZulu is easy to learn, and our guide to some common phrases will get you started in no time.

South African English is lekker!

South Africans speak English, that doesn't mean you'll always understand us. Our robots are nothing like R2D2, just now doesn't mean immediately, and babbelas is not a shampoo. Tune in with our quick dictionary of SA idiom. It's lekker, bru!

South Africa: traveller's customs guide

To help make your arrival in and departure from South Africa as smooth as possible, here's a quick guide to bringing goods in and out of the country.

South African Tourism information hotline

Tourist info hotline

What to bring, where to stay, what to see ...? Our call centre is here to help you in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin or Portuguese. >

Africa travel documents

Visas and permits

Helping you cut through the travel red tape. >

Customs guide

What can I bring into South Africa? Will I have to pay tax on goods I buy? >


Warm, temperate conditions and a seemingly endless supply of sunshine. >

Hello South Africa 
– the phrasebook

Hello South Africa

Quick, easy phrasebook for all 11 South African languages. >

SA English is lekker!

Quick dictionary of South African idiom. >

isiZulu phrasebook

Basic phrases of our most widely understood African language. >