Videos: How to do the Diski Dance

Start learning the soccer-based moves of South Africa's diski dance and you'll start feeling the rhythm of African football and the energy and passion that's in store for the world at the 2010 Fifa World Cup!

Diski Dance demonstration

The full workout:

Diski Dance lesson

The full sequence clarified. Remember, though: it's about diski (South African township lingo for "soccer"), so you should feel free to add your own moves, and create your own routines.

Diski Dance move 1

Lift up the ball: a closer look at the opening move. The videos that follow focus on other selected moves but not in full or exact sequence.

Diski Dance move 2

Use your head!

Diski Dance move 3

Table Mountain (in other words, make your back flat!)

Diski Dance move 4

Release, hold, kick the ball!

Diski Dance move 5

Skip over and pass the ball (and let someone else do some work. Phew!)